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Primeiras Gotas Wine Tasting

Join us for a unique opportunity to taste delicious Primeiras Gotas wines by André Lourenço!

André Duque Lourenço became disillusioned after making “coca-cola” style wines over 15 years that lack both authenticity and identity. So he returned to his roots, making wine like his father and grandfather, with no additions, just pure grape – this is one of the main cornerstones of the Gardunha Sul project in Beira Baixa.

The Beira Baixa region is surrounded by mountains. The vineyards are usually planted in plateau or hillside areas, between 350 and 750 meters high, making this wine region the highest in Portugal. What does this mean for our tasting? It means that the wines you'll be tasting are incredibly vibrant and fresh!

Beyond his passion for low-intervention wines, Andre also seeks out ancient, almost forgotten, local grape varieties that highlight the typicity, identity and flavor of the region. 

The tasting will highlight wines from sustainable, ecological vineyards that respect biodiversity and the ecosystem.

The tasting event will be held at theLAB starting at 6:30PM and lasting approximately 1.5 hours.

Pre-payment is required as we have limited available spaces.

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Every wine carries a unique story, a reason for its existence. At theLAB we believe that telling these stories helps you connect with the wine, the history, the people and their culture. Stories are the backbone of life! Stories are what give wines life. Our site is an evolution and we will continue to fill in more stories at we grow and evolve.

With this in mind we invite wine producers (and not only) who are devoted to sustainability and are making a positive impact on the environment. These events are more than just an opportunity to taste incredible wines. It´s also supporting the producers who are making the world a better place.