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The feeling of optimism and the word of passion are carved into the Quevedo family, who have been grape growers and port producers for 5 generations. Despite trying times, Oscar Sr. found the brand Quevedo in 1993, which started a new era for the family, since they could bottle port under their own label. While this was great news for the family, as the upcoming generation, Claudia and Oscar Jr. had very different career paths in mind. Claudia fell in love with wine since her youth and she wanted to be a winemaker, even though her parents were skeptical about it. After completing her studies at Vila Real she joined Oscar Sr. in 1999 as a winemaker and ensured that the business had a future in the family.

While Claudia was busy chasing her dreams, Oscar Jr had his own. At first it was clear to him that wine and farming was not his dream to chase, so he developed a career in finance and moved to Geneva. Even though he was far away from his family and wine business, he could never detach from them since he'd visit them each month. After a while, he met his wife Nadia, which led him to move to Madrid, making him a step closer to home.

The nostalgia of 'saudade' intensified, prompting him to visit his home each week. Despite it not being his dream, Oscar Jr was drawn to wine. He and Claudia slowly started to build an export market. One day, he received a call about an opportunity coming from an American couple, Ryan and Gabriella Opaz, organizing a tasting about Douro wines. They sent out some samples and Oscar met with the pair, which changed his view of selling wines. He realized digital expertise was the key to expanding the business and it showed results almost immediately.

After his grandfather's passing, he moved back to Douro and wanted work in the winery, and he earned his place back in the family table quickly due to the groundwork Claudia and Oscar did. They stopped selling bulk-wines and now Quevedo produces their own line of wines in the families name. Even though this is the case, Oscar still doesn't appear as a normal businessman, you may see the boyish smile in his face and this shows the friendliness that Quevedo made a motto out of: Friendology Forever.

Currently, they are converting each year a bit more property organic viticulture to become more sustainable as a winery, which is dear to our heart.

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Quevedo - NV - Trovisca Reserve Ruby
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Quevedo - Gin - Wild Herb & Orange
Quevedo - Gin - Prime Edition
Quevedo - N/V - Trovisca Tawny Bio
Quevedo - N/V - Organic Reserve Ruby
Quevedo - 2021 - Oscar's Organic Red
Quevedo - 2018 - Trovisca LBV Bio
Quevedo - 2016 - Moon Lagar
Quevedo - 2016 - Moon Lagar Sale price€19,99
Quevedo - 2017 - Trovisca Vintage Bio
Quevedo - Vermouth - Winter Sweet
Quevedo - Vermouth - Autumn Dry