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Quinta do Infantado

The story of Quinta do Infantado goes back to 1816 when it was founded for King D. Pedro IV. It has been in the hands of the Roseira family for over a century and is situated around 4km from Pinhão, in the unique Vale de Gontelho micro region renowned for the quality of its wines.

The Roseiras from Covas do Douro committed their livelihood to producing quality wine and grapes for six generations. João Lopes Roseira began producing fortified wines with the acquisition of Quinta do Infantado but his sons, Luís and António, became the first ones to break the négociants' monopoly in Vila Nova de Gaia by estate bottling in 1979.

Even though Luís and António have passed away, their descendants carried on the legacy of innovation through the traditional methods that were once used. They are one of the pioneers in bringing organic port to the stage. All of the production is done by foot-treading and one of their core values to ensure sustainability throughout their production.

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Quinta do Infantado - N/V - Reserva Ruby Bio
Quinta do Infantado - Junior Palhete
Quinta do Infantado - 2016 - Douro Tinto Bio
Quinta do Infantado - N/V - Reserva Tawny Bio