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Bojo do Luar

Bojo do Luar

Bojo do Luar, a project that emerged in the early 21st century, stands out for its unique approach to Portuguese winemaking. It's a captivating story of blending the French experience with the soul of northern Portugal's Vinho Verde region.

The story begins with Savio Soares, a man with decades of experience working with French winemakers. During a trip to the Vinho Verde region, he met Fernando Paiva, a biodynamic producer who piqued Savio's curiosity by using ground chestnut flowers in winemaking. Impressed by the region's naturally acidic grapes, Savio saw an opportunity to apply his French knowledge and create something unique.

Partnering with two local viticulturists familiar with the region's traditional methods, Savio embarked on a path of innovation. The vineyards transitioned to organic practices, with homemade compost and beneficial herbs enriching the soils. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides were replaced by sustainable methods, fostering a healthy ecosystem for the vines.

The philosophy of "monastic winemaking," as Savio calls it, emphasizes minimal intervention in the cellar. Grapes are destemmed with a small portion of whole clusters included for added complexity. These are transferred to large, century-old clay amphoras (talhas) acquired from a neighboring region.  Ground chestnut flowers believed to contribute aromatic complexity, are added as a natural stabilizer during fermentation.

Bojo do Luar sources grapes from parcels near the Tâmega River, nestled in the foothills of the Serra do Marão mountain range. The deep granitic soils and south-southwesterly exposure provide ideal conditions for ripening grapes while maintaining their natural acidity, a hallmark of Vinho Verde wines.

Bojo do Luar offers a captivating range of both red and white wines. Five indigenous red grape varieties and five white varieties are vinified, each expressing the unique characteristics of the Vinho Verde region with a touch of French influence. The resulting wines are known for their vibrant acidity, freshness, subtle complexities derived from this, and minimal intervention.

Bojo do Luar is a testament to the power of collaboration and a willingness to experiment. By combining French expertise with Portuguese tradition and terroir, they craft unique and captivating wines that quickly gain recognition in natural wines. As they continue refining their approach, Bojo do Luar promises to be synonymous with innovation and quality within the Vinho Verde region.

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