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Bojo do Luar

Bojo do Luar

The Bojo do Luar project came to life during a trip Savio Soares made to the Vinho Verde region. Here he met Fernando Paiva, an innovative biodynamic producer who makes wines with minimal sulfites and adds ground chestnut flowers to tanks before fermentation. 

Savio saw this as an opportunity to use the autochthonous varietals of Northern Portugal and apply the knowledge he learned while working with wine internationally. With Fernando's winemaking experience and openness to experiment using a non-intervention approach in the cellar, the Bojo do Luar wines quickly took shape. Not only were the results promising, but the wines easily became popular. The region has a mostly cool temperate climate throughout Spring, followed by hot days and cool nights until the September harvest. Each variety is vinified separately with minimal intervention.

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Bojo do Luar - LUARrosa
Bojo do Luar - LUARrosa Sale price€10,99
Bojo do Luar - Tez
Bojo do Luar - Tez Sale price€17,99
Bojo do Luar - Do Bojo Branco
Bojo do Luar - Do Bojo Tinto
Bojo do Luar - Do Bojo Tinto Sale price€21,99
Bojo do Luar - Lou 38 Pet-Nat
Bojo do Luar - Deu Bode
Bojo do Luar - Deu Bode Sale price€11,49
Bojo do Luar - Doralice
Bojo do Luar - Doralice Sale price€13,99