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Quinta do Zimbro

Quinta do Zimbro is a historic property within the Douro region. The Hespanhol family purchased the Quinta do Zimbro winery in 2003 and the father, Manuel Hespanhol, handed it down to his five daughters. Ana Hespanhol eventually ended up being the one who's with the passion of winemaking and making a dream come true. To Ana, Zimbro represents something more than a passion project; to her it's an attitude, a collaboration with family and friends. The vineyards of Quinta do Zimbro are breathtakingly beautiful, and just as beautiful are the wines produced here that express their terroir. Having started out wanting to bring authenticity to her creations, Ana has now taken on the challenge of converting into organic production in recent years. They remain committed to learning and respecting their environment, and very happy to share their creation with the people!

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Quinta do Zimbro - 1 Pipa - Tinto