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Soalheiro has been a pioneer in the Alvarinho varietal scene. Nestles in the heart of the Monção and Melgaço valley, their story began in 1974 when João António Cerdeira and Palmira Cerdeira, fueled by their love for viticulture, planted the first continuous Alvarinho vineyard in Melgaço, on a plot named Soalheiro. This pivotal plot would lend its name to the brand in 1982, marking a turning point. The family's red Ford Escort was traded for a winery, solidifying Soalheiro's position as Melgaço's first dedicated Alvarinho producer.

João and Palmira's children grew up alongside Soalheiro. Though they left Melgaço for their studies, they have returned to manage the company with their mother's guidance. António Luís Cerdeira, a natural winemaker, oversees production, while Maria João Cerdeira, a veterinarian by training, tends to the vineyards and their unique herbal tea project. Over the years, Soalheiro has become a true family affair, boasting a dedicated team of 50 and a Viticulturists' Club with over 150 families.

The region's Alvarinho has established itself as a middle-class enterprise, fostering a unique culture. Small, meticulously tended plots resemble a patchwork quilt when viewed from above, each one a testament to a family's dedication. These families, often with other professions, dedicate evenings and weekends to viticulture, earning a valuable secondary income. Consequently, these grapes are among the most expensive in the country, ensuring the sustainability of agriculture and this remarkable landscape.

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