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Quinta do Ameal

Located in the Lima sub-region of Portugal's Vinho Verde DOC, Quinta do Ameal isn't just a vineyard – it's a historical haven dating back to 1710. More than just beautiful, Quinta do Ameal holds a special place as the cradle of the Loureiro grape variety.


Throughout its long history, Quinta do Ameal has remained true to its roots, championing sustainable practices and pushing the boundaries of Vinho Verde. They were pioneers in recognizing the potential of Loureiro, demonstrating its ability to produce high-quality white wines with remarkable aging potential.

The estate boasts 30 hectares, 14 of which are dedicated to cultivating Loureiro grapes. This dedication to the grape is further emphasized by the property's unique setting. The vineyard stretches for 800 meters along the banks of the Lima River, drawing influence from its fertile soils. Beyond the vines lies an 8-hectare forest teeming with life. Walnut, chestnut, and even stone pines, some exceeding 200 years old, grace the landscape. This diverse ecosystem contributes to the overall health of the vineyard.

The magic of Quinta do Ameal lies in the perfect harmony between its location, the granite soils, the temperate climate of the region, and their commitment to sustainable agriculture. This unique combination fosters the creation of distinctive wines. Each bottle reflects the character and potential of the Loureiro grape, showcasing its various expressions through meticulous winemaking practices.

In essence, Quinta do Ameal offers more than just a taste of Vinho Verde – it's a testament to the power of tradition, sustainable practices, and a deep respect for nature, all woven together to create truly captivating wines.

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Quinta do Ameal - Solo Único - Branco