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Entre Pedras

Nestled on the volcanic island of Pico in the Azores archipelago, Entre Pedras wines are a story of friendship, passion, and a deep respect for the land. Born from the shared vision of André Ribeiro and Ricardo Pinto, university friends united by their love of wine, Entre Pedras strives to capture the essence of Pico in every bottle.

The journey began in 2017 when André, alongside his father Gilberto, planted the first vines for this project: 1.3 hectares of Arinto dos Açores on the north side and 0.15 hectares of Verdelho on the south side of the island. Fate intervened two years later, reuniting André with Ricardo at the 2019 harvest. Sharing a philosophy of life and a dedication to low-intervention winemaking, they knew they had found a kindred spirit.

Despite being young, André and Ricardo were determined to make a big impact with limited resources. Their first effort, a 2019 Arinto, showcased this perfectly. Just over 500 bottles were produced, each one imbued with the unique character of Pico's volcanic soil. This uniqueness was further amplified by aging the wine for a year in a lava tube discovered beneath the very vineyard that produced the grapes.

Driven by a relentless passion, they continued to shape the Entre Pedras project. They cleared land, built walls, and expanded their plantings with 0.6 hectares in the south and 0.5 hectares in the north. Here, they planted "bacelos," traditional vine shelters, that will soon be grafted with Terrantez do Pico, another of the island's prized grape varieties.

In 2020, their quest for exceptional terroir led them to forge a friendship with a local winemaker. This collaboration opened the doors to a fantastic old vineyard in Criação Velha, a place they believe embodies the purest expression of Pico's volcanic soul. This partnership yielded their "2020 de Vinhas Velhas" wine, a testament to the potential of established vines and a commitment to showcasing Pico's rich viticultural heritage.

Entre Pedras wines are crafted under the DOC Açores designation, reflecting their adherence to the region's strict quality standards. The cool, Atlantic climate and volcanic basalt soils of Pico play a defining role in shaping the character of these wines. With André Ribeiro and Ricardo Pinto at the helm of oenology, Entre Pedras promises a future filled with innovative and terroir-driven wines that will transport you to the heart of this captivating island.

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Entre Pedras - 2021 - Verdelho dos Açores
Entre Pedras - 2021 - Efusivo Branco