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Peluda Vinhos

The Minho region in northern Portugal boasts a long and illustrious history of winemaking. Evidence suggests vine cultivation dates back to the Romans, and the region has played a significant role in shaping Portuguese viticulture ever since.

The Minho is synonymous with Alvarinho, a white grape variety known for producing crisp, minerally wines with floral aromas. These grapes thrive in the region's cool, damp climate and granite-based soils, which contribute to the distinctive character of Alvarinho wines.

While Alvarinho reigns supreme, other grape varieties like Loureiro, Trajadura, and Vinhão also play a role. Red wines are less common but can be found, often made from varieties like Vinhão and Sousão.

Today, the Minho region is experiencing a resurgence of interest. Producers are focusing on sustainable practices, highlighting the unique terroir, and experimenting with innovative techniques while respecting tradition.

Peluda Vinhos is one of this region's producers who are practicing sustainability. Mariana Pala has led the way in this multigenerational project, drawing on her grandfather's wisdom. This family legacy blends tradition with fresh ideas, shaping Mariana's vision for her 17-hectare vineyards in Mondim de Basto. This mountainous region, isolated from the Atlantic's influence, experiences cold, wet winters and hot, dry summers - perfect conditions for crafting wines that embody the spirit of Minho and Vinho Verde.

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Peluda Vinhos - Suba - Azal Pet Nat Branco
Peluda Vinhos - Tranco no Binto
Peluda Vinhos - Binto no Tranco
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Peluda Vinhos - Suba Pet Nat Espadeiro