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APRT3 Wines

Founded in Lisbon, Portugal in 2018, APRT3 Wines is the brainchild of three individuals with diverse backgrounds: Diogo, a sommelier, Guilherme, a farmer, and Luís, a nurse. Dissatisfied with the homogeneity of the commercial wine market, they envisioned creating unique, natural wines using a scientific approach.

Their journey began in a borrowed garage, equipped with a single barrel and rudimentary steel tanks. Here, they produced their first 3,000 bottles, laying the groundwork for their innovative concept – "winemaking on wheels."

APRT3 embraced the lack of a permanent vineyard as an opportunity. They traveled throughout Portugal, sourcing high-quality grapes from distinct regions known for their classic varieties. In 2019, they rented a small winery in Torres Vedras, allowing them to expand production to 5,000 bottles.

Despite their initial success, the founders maintained their day jobs, ensuring the winery's sustainable growth. This dedication to responsible practices extended to their winemaking philosophy, which emphasized natural methods and minimal intervention.

2021 marked a turning point for APRT3. Recognizing the need for greater control over the winemaking process, they acquired an abandoned winery in Setúbal. This location offered several advantages: proximity to Lisbon, a historical connection to their first sourced grapes, and the potential for creating an open-space facility conducive to small-scale, diverse production.

The initial phase focused on renovations, carefully preserving artifacts of historical value. Crowdfunding initiatives provided crucial financial support, allowing them to prepare the cellar for the 2022 harvest and establish a stronger brand identity.

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