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Marcio Lopes

Márcio Lopes, born in 1983 in Porto, embarked on a remarkable winemaking journey grounded in his deep-rooted connection to rural life and agriculture, nurtured by his grandparents. Armed with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, his path led him on a global odyssey, from his first grape harvest experience in Melgaço to enriching winemaking adventures in Australia.

In 2010, the turning point arrived when Márcio ventured into crafting his own distinctive wines. From Pequenos Rebentos in the Vinho Verde region to Proibido and Permitido in the Douro Superior, and even Telegrafo in Ribeira Sacra, Spain, his wines have garnered national and international acclaim. Rooted in authenticity and a commitment to sustainability, each wine uniquely captures the essence of its region.

In 2015, the acquisition of Quinta do Pombal, a five-hectare vineyard in Douro Superior, marked a significant chapter. Further investments in a winery in Melgaço in 2020 underscored Márcio's dedication to quality and autonomy. Along the way, accolades such as "Winemaker Revelation of the Year" and "Singularity" have come his way. Yet, what fuels Márcio's journey isn't just the pursuit of excellence; it's the simple joy of making people happy through his wines. This is a story of a winemaker whose wines invite you to taste today what you'll love tomorrow.

Marcio Lopes

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