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Quinta da Palmirinha

Grandfather Fernando Paiva only has two chestnut trees at Quinta da Palmirinha. The chestnut blossoms, which already replace the sulphites, are picked by the grandchildren Mariana, Tiago and João, the latter predisposed to become a winemaker. The rest are acquired externally. The world of this former professor of Portuguese and History is very particular, but it is above all else, a rational biodynamic look at viticulture.

The last 20+ years of Fernando’s life have been entirely dedicated to Quinta da Palmirinha, a simple property with three hectares of vineyards in Lixa, Felgueiras. Though originally dedicated to the production of grape and apple juice under the name Sumbi, Fernando is now focused on wine. 

The vines are an average of 25 years old. Arinto (Pedernã), Azal and Loureiro are predominately grown, complemented by small amounts of Loureiro. 

When asked how biodynamics succeeds in the wet and challenging climate of Vinho Verde, Fernando simply says, 'faith'. Wanting his winemaking style to be as minimalistic as possible, Fernando covers the must with chestnut flowers instead of SO2 - a technique that has garnered him international recognition.

Fernando's wines are direct and firm, with character, with an expression of their particular soil and a sense of life in each glass.

Quinta da Palmirinha

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