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Quinta de Tourais

Fernando Coelho is the face of Quinta de Tourais, a family-owned estate that has been in the family for four generations. The estate itself has a history dating back to the time of the Cistercian order, spanning all the way back to the 17th century. Fernando was previously a restaurant owner, but he decided to shift his focus and began making his first wines back in '99. However, his winemaking style has evolved over time. As his experience grew, so did his concerns, leading him to become a minimal-intervention producer. He places a strong emphasis on the vineyards and has the utmost respect for nature and the gifts it provides. He embraces spontaneity and expresses his wines according to his feelings and intuition. Notably, he is one of the few producers in Portugal who incorporate hops into their winemaking process, adding a unique dimension to his wines. Creativity and a commitment to sustainability are at the core of Fernando's philosophy, and these values are clearly reflected in his wines. He firmly believes that every sip of Quinta de Tourais wines should offer a genuine taste of nature. Fernando's passion for showcasing the authentic character of his vineyards is unmistakable in every bottle of Quinta de Tourais.

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Quinta de Tourais - Miura Tinto (Joy Division)
Quinta de Tourais - Miura Tinto Bowie
Quinta de Tourais - 2021 - Miura Baga
Quinta de Tourais - 2021 - Miura MC
Quinta de Tourais - 2021 - Miura Jaba
Quinta de Tourais - 2021 - Miura Branco de Curtimenta
Quinta de Tourais - Lilipop - Field blend da Vinha Nova Tinto
Quinta de Tourais - Lilipop - e o Jeko tinto
Quinta de Tourais - Lilipop - Ânfora Branco
Quinta de Tourais - 2019/20 - Lilipop + Field Blend Box