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Quinta da Carolina

Quinta da Carolina

Luís Pedro's journey began with his first harvest in Tua, back in 2003. Despite being taken there unexpectedly by his father at the age of 15, he quickly fell in love with the process and knew he had found his lifelong passion. Years later, after completing his enology master's degree in Tarragona, Luís Pedro embarked on his first internship at Quinta de Nápoles in the Douro region, where he discovered the transformative power of traveling, working with diverse people, and breaking free from the constraints of routine.

After years of traveling and working with many people and places, in 2015, he assumed the management of Quinta da Carolina, his family's property with 2 hectares of old vineyards and 2 hectares of organic olive groves.

Driven by the responsibility of preserving the existing project while leaving his mark, Luís Pedro established his own brand, Primata, in 2016. Primata wines truly embody his philosophy, crafted without extremism and rooted in the trust he shares with the vine growers he collaborates with. They reflect his commitment to preserving nature and his dedication to minimalism within the cellar.

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Quinta da Carolina - N/V - El3mento Tinto
Quinta da Carolina - 2021 - El3mento Tinto
Quinta da Carolina - 2020 - Xis Branco
Quinta da Carolina - 2017 - Douro Tinto