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Casa de Mouraz

Casa de Mouraz

The remarkable story of Casa de Mouraz is born out of a love story, which you can certainly taste in their exquisite wines.

The hamlet of Mouraz, where Casa de Mouraz Project was born, is in the heart of Dão region. Antonio was born here and his family have farmed vineyards in a sustainable and ecological manner for generations. Until the year of 2000, Sara and Antonio were in Lisbon and in search of something new. Antonio had a dream of being a wine producer and Sara gave up her dancing career for Antonio, who was an art magazine editor back at the time, believing in the project's potential. They left Lisbon to start out a family adventure in Mouraz back in 2000, with their own version of sustainable viticulture and winemaking and founded Casa de Mouraz which love led them to create. Here, they produce biodynamic wines that are bursting with local flavors, nurtured by the dedicated hands of its people. Casa de Mouraz is proud of their ‘vinhas velhas’ as Portuguese people call them which refers to old vines. Vineyards of Casa de Mouraz are older than 50 years, have endured natural disasters such as fires, and more than 30 different varieties are planted. What’s more, 2017 has been a horrible year for them due to the fires, but it also marked the beginning of something new, Planet Mouraz, which is a project that includes the family pets that uses hands-off wine-making concept: Zero-zero; working without filtration, addition of sulphites or selected yeasts. If you have a chance to visit them, you will encounter their family house by the vineyards which is unbelievably picturesque. To add to this beauty, they are currently constructing a new winery that is surrounded with majestic rocks that gives a character to the region. By this winery, they have newly planted ‘magic’ vineyards -as they would like to call them-, with a caved rock as tasting area, which sounds super exciting!

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Casa de Mouraz - Branco
Casa de Mouraz - Branco Sale price€13,00
Casa de Mouraz - Encruzado
Casa de Mouraz - Encruzado Sale price€17,99
Casa de Mouraz - Pita Pet Nat
Casa de Mouraz - 2016 - Private Selection Tinto
Casa de Mouraz - Bolinha Curtimenta
Casa de Mouraz - Tinto
Casa de Mouraz - Tinto Sale price€12,99
Casa de Mouraz - Chibu
Casa de Mouraz - Chibu Sale price€15,00