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Uivo - Folias de Baco

Uivo - Folias de Baco

Have you heard of the winemaker with a catchy name and even catchier wines? Tiago Sampaio, aka the mastermind behind Olho no Pé and Folias de Baco, has now bottled most of his exceptional blends under the name Uivo. 

What sets Tiago's wines apart, you ask? Well, for starters, his grapes are grown in the sky-high altitudes of up to 700m above sea level, producing wines with textures and flavors that'll take your palate on a journey. And if you're a fan of bubbly, Tiago's pét-nats are a must-try. He also works magic with Moscatel Gallego grapes, which have a refreshing, floral aroma. Moscatel grapes thrive in the region surrounding Favaios, where Sampaio has many of his vineyards.

But don't let his PhD in viticulture and oenology from Oregon fool you. Tiago knows that sometimes less is more, and he's all about the natural process. No added yeast, no filtration, no fining when bottling. Just pure, unadulterated wine goodness. 

Sure, his cellar may look like a tornado hit it, but Tiago's got it under control. And he's even upgraded his digs to the old co-op winery building in Sanfins do Douro, where he proudly displays a pair of antique talhas gifted to him by Vasco Croft. 

So if you're looking for a wine adventure, follow Tiago's lead and keep your eye on the foot (or rather, the label).

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Uivo - Curtido Branco
Uivo - Curtido Branco Sale price€13,99
Uivo - Pet Nat Curtido
Uivo - Pet Nat Curtido Sale price€15,99
Uivo - Moscatel Galego Branco
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Uivo - Aqua Nat - 750ml Sale price€4,99
Uivo - Pet Nat Branco
Uivo - Pet Nat Branco Sale price€12,99
Uivo - Pet Nat Rosé
Uivo - Pet Nat Rosé Sale price€13,99
Uivo - Renegado Vinhas Velhas Tinto
Uivo - Vinhas Velhas Tinto
Uivo - Vinhas Velhas Tinto Sale price€14,49
Uivo - Vinhas Velhas Branco
Uivo - Vinhas Velhas Branco Sale price€14,49
Uivo - Rabigato Branco
Uivo - Rabigato Branco Sale price€13,99
Uivo - Pet Nat Renegado
Uivo - Pet Nat Renegado Sale price€14,99
Uivo - Aqua Nat - 375ml
Uivo - Aqua Nat - 375ml Sale price€3,50
Uivo - Ânfora Branco
Uivo - Ânfora Branco Sale price€17,45
Uivo - 2011 - Cronológico Tinto