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Uivo - Aqua Nat - 750ml

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This delightful sparkler isn't your typical wine, maybe because it isn't wine. Made with leftover grape skins and pulp, it undergoes a second fermentation that results in a super light and refreshing drink. This particular version is a unique blend of over 20 local red and white grapes, bottled immediately to create a gentle fizz perfect for any occasion.

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Meet Tiago Sampaio, the winemaker behind Olho no Pé and Folias de Baco, now bottling his exceptional blends as Uivo. Grown at elevations up to 700m, his wines boast distinctive textures and flavors. Don't miss his captivating pét-nats and the refreshing, floral aroma of Moscatel Gallego grapes. With a PhD in viticulture and oenology from Oregon, Tiago embraces a natural winemaking approach – no added yeast, no filtration, and no fining at bottling. He operates from the old co-op winery building in Sanfins do Douro, showcasing antique talhas gifted by Vasco Croft. Follow Tiago's wine adventures by keeping an eye on the label.