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Quinta das Maias

Quinta das Maias is a prime example of the passion with which newly-crafted wines from the Dão region are formed. Located 600 meters above sea level on a high plateau in the area, it's a gorgeous-looking wine farm owned by Luis Lourenço, a former mathematics teacher, who has taken a methodical approach to winemaking and controls all its processes. All vineyards are cultivated organically and certified organic, creating varietal wines that represent the terroir of the area. These wines offer great drinkability, value for money, and aged characteristics while keeping their distinctive flavor of origin. To guarantee its future, Luis' son has also joined in winemaking and taken over the business. Overall, a visit to Quinta das Maias is an absolute must for anyone who loves exquisite scenery and fine wines.

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Quinta das Maias - 2021 - Tinto
Quinta das Maias - 2021 - Branco