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Mateus Nicolau de Almeida

Mateus is the fifth generation of the Nicolau de Almeida family to produce wine. He comes from a long line of historic figures of Douro, his grandfather is famous for creating the famed Barca Velha, who passed the torch to his father João. Even though the family has a long line of winemakers, Mateus is the first one to open his eyes to a better way to connect with the land as the maverick one in the family. He transitioned to biodynamic viticulture, which his dad João Sr. was skeptical in the beginning but accepted when he saw the results. Nowadays, he works with his wife Teresa, his father João Sr and his brother João Jr.

Mateus is a 'Douro Vigneron' in his own words. The man is truly passionate about what he's doing, even the garden of his house is full of vineyards! He firmly believes that Douro offers all of the necessary elements he requires to create his wine, that's why he strives to source all the ingredients locally. The man lets the land do all the talk! With the level of connection they have with the land, it is almost safe to say that the Nicolau de Almeida family represents Douro more than the river itself!

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