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Anta de Cima

Anta de Cima, located in the Serra de Montargil in Portugal's Alentejo region, boasts a unique story of revival and dedication to terroir. Vineyards thrived at Anta de Cima for centuries, but by the 1950s, they had been completely abandoned. The old cellar remained as a silent testament to the region's winemaking past. In 2010, a family embarked on a project to revive the vineyards. This wasn't just about planting vines; it was about reconnecting with the land and its heritage.

Anta de Cima champions the region's native grape varieties. Expect to find wines made from Aragonez (Tempranillo), Alicante Bouschet, Trincadeira, Arinto, and Antão Vaz. Respect for the environment is paramount. The estate employs biodynamic viticulture, fostering a healthy balance in the vineyard ecosystem. Intriguingly, Anta de Cima utilizes clay amphorae for some of their wine fermentation. This ancient technique imparts a unique character to the wines, allowing for slow, gentle fermentation with minimal intervention.

While Anta de Cima embraces modern techniques, they never lose sight of tradition. Careful soil analysis and selection of ideal vineyard plots ensure grapes that fully express the terroir. The focus is on allowing the grapes to speak for themselves. Gentle handling and minimal cellar manipulation preserve the natural character of the wines.

Anta de Cima wines are known for their authenticity and complexity. Expect to find reds with bold fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and a touch of earthiness. Whites showcase refreshing citrus notes, minerality, and a subtle texture from the amphorae fermentation. These are wines that bridge the gap between tradition and modern innovation, offering a unique taste of the Alentejo terroir.

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