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A&D Wines

A&D Wines

A&D Wines, nestled in the border region between Vinho Verde and Douro Valley in Portugal, boasts a young and dynamic presence in the world of wine. While the exact date of their establishment isn't readily available, their focus on organic viticulture and a commitment to showcasing the region's unique terroir has quickly garnered them a reputation for quality and innovation.

A&D Wines operates across two estates: Quinta de Santa Teresa and Quinta dos Espinhosos. Quinta de Santa Teresa, with its breathtaking location overlooking the Douro Valley, straddles the line between the two prominent wine regions. This geographical advantage allows A&D Wines to explore the possibilities of both Vinho Verde's crisp, white wines and the Douro's bold reds, all within a close proximity. Quinta dos Espinhosos, on the other hand, lies firmly within the Vinho Verde DOC, known for its light-bodied white wines with vibrant acidity.

A&D Wines prioritizes organic viticulture throughout their estates. They believe that sustainable practices lead to healthier vines, a more balanced ecosystem, and ultimately, wines that truly reflect the character of their terroir. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are eschewed in favor of natural alternatives and techniques that promote biodiversity within the vineyards.

While committed to organic principles, A&D Wines doesn't shy away from innovative techniques in the winery. Their team of experienced winemakers utilizes modern methods alongside traditional practices to unlock the full potential of the grapes. This blend of respect for heritage and a willingness to experiment allows them to craft a diverse portfolio of wines.

A&D champions the use of indigenous Portuguese grape varieties. In the Vinho Verde region, they primarily focus on grapes like Arinto, Loureiro, and Avesso, known for their refreshing acidity and floral aromas. The Douro influence shines through in their use of Tinta Barroca and Touriga Nacional, grapes that contribute structure and depth to their red wines.

A&D Wines embodies the spirit of a new generation of Portuguese winemakers. Their focus on organic viticulture, exploration of terroir, and respect for local traditions positions them as a rising star in the world of Portuguese wine. As they continue to refine their craft, A&D Wines promises to offer exciting and distinctive wines that capture the essence of their unique location and Portugal's rich winemaking heritage.

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