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Quinta de Santiago

Quinta de Santiago has been a family-owned estate since 1899. For approximately a century, Quinta de Santiago mainly produced wines and olive oil for personal consumption, while grapes were sold to wineries throughout the region.

That was until 2009 when Grandma Mariazinha, aged 86, saw an incredible potential to transition their business to wine production. Wanting a brand to represent their name and spark a family tradition, the family readily accepted her challenge. Seamlessly weaving the traditions and know-how of the older generation with the modernity and enthusiasm of the younger generation, they crafted wines that captured the unique features of the terroir.

At the helm of this company is the young Joana Santiago. She carries on the tradition of her Grandma, an authentic Minho woman who opened up a new road for them.

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Quinta de Santiago - Rascunho Branco