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Quinta do Cardo

Quinta do Cardo, nestled near Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo in Portugal's Beira Interior region, is dedicated to crafting unique wines. While details about their exact origins are unavailable, the Beira Interior itself has a rich winemaking history, allowing Quinta do Cardo to benefit from generations of knowledge and tradition.

Viticulture at Quinta do Cardo thrives at a high altitude, with vineyards nestled an average of 750 meters above sea level. The surrounding mountains, Marofa and Castelo Rodrigo, along with the Douro, Côa, and Águeda rivers, create a unique protected environment for the vines.

Sustainable practices are a cornerstone of Quinta do Cardo's philosophy. The company fully transitioned to organic practices in 2014 and has continuously refining them since 2021. This commitment goes beyond simply avoiding chemical products.

Their approach fosters a thriving ecosystem within their vineyards. The high altitude (averaging 750 meters) plays a crucial role. Here, the cooler temperatures delay bud break until a time with lower humidity, naturally reducing the risk of disease. This allows Quinta do Cardo to minimize external interventions and eliminate the need for chemical treatments.

The 79 hectares of certified organic vineyards coexist with a rich natural environment. Cork oak trees and pockets of native forest provide habitat for diverse flora and fauna. Four natural water reservoirs ("charcas") with clay bottoms capture rainwater, a valuable resource used for irrigation when needed.

Sustainability extends beyond the vineyards. Quinta do Cardo recognizes the importance of the human element. They value the traditional winemaking culture of Beira Interior and strive to preserve it. This focus on people and environment, along with their commitment to organic practices, is reflected not just in the quality of their wines but also in the overall philosophy of the winery.

The specific grape varieties used by Quinta do Cardo are a testament to their focus on regional expression. They cultivate a wide range of Portuguese indigenous grapes, including Arinto, Bical, Códega do Côa, Fernão Pires, Jaen, Malvasia Fina, Rufete, Síria, and Tinta Barroca. This allows them to create wines that reflect the distinct character of the Beira Interior terroir.

Quinta do Cardo

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