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Quinta da Covela, situated near the southeastern edge of the Vinho Verde region and bordering the Douro Valley, boasts a rich history and a commitment to innovative winemaking.  Here's a closer look at its past and present:

The estate's origins stretch back to the 16th century when it initially functioned as a traditional farm with diverse crops. In the mid-20th century, the property belonged to the renowned Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira, who transformed the landscape with new constructions.

The late 1980s marked a turning point for Quinta da Covela. Entrepreneur Nuno Araújo acquired the property and initiated a shift towards quality wine production. He planted the first vineyards specifically for this purpose, introducing international grape varieties alongside Portuguese classics. This bold move, a "revolution" in the words of current winemakers, became a defining characteristic of Covela's approach. 

The Covela estate is a visual marvel featuring terraced vineyards that resemble a natural amphitheater. These south-facing slopes bask in sunlight, benefiting from their proximity to the mighty Douro River. The low altitude contributes to a warmer microclimate, further influencing grape development.

Quinta da Covela champions sustainable viticulture. They have embraced organic farming practices throughout the estate, encompassing the vineyards, orchards, kitchen gardens, and even the winery itself. This dedication to organic methods ensures a healthy and thriving ecosystem for the vines, fostering biodiversity and a natural balance.

While the Douro Valley is synonymous with Port wines, Quinta da Covela has carved its path. It is recognized for the quality of its white and rosé wines, which showcase the potential of local grapes like Avesso, a prominent white varietal of the region.  

Covela's dedication to quality has been rewarded. Revista de Vinhos magazine recognized its vineyards with the prestigious "Best Viticulture" award. Additionally, its Avesso wines have consistently been included among the "100 Best Wines of the Year."  

Quinta da Covela embodies the spirit of exploration.  They respect time-honored techniques while embracing modern innovations in the winery.  This allows them to craft unique and expressive wines that capture the essence of their terroir – a blend of the Douro Valley's influence and their commitment to quality.   As they continue their journey, Quinta da Covela promises to remain a leading figure in Portuguese winemaking, offering a diverse range of wines that tell a captivating story of tradition and innovation.

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