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Sitting on the banks of the river Douro but in Vinho Verde territory, Quinta de Covela is synonymous with organic farming. They have always been heralded as a beacon of quality in the region, as well as one of the first Portuguese estates that farms and produces wine organically. 

However, the road to success wasn’t always paved in gold. The previous owner, Nuno Araújo, was keen to create a Bordeaux-like atmosphere; whereby planting grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Unfortunately, these grapes failed to thrive in the Minho. The property was eventually abandoned after the 2008 financial crisis and acquired in 2012 by Tony Smith and Marcelo Lima. 

Since then, both Tony and Marcelo have resurrected the project under the direction of the previous winemaker Rui Cunha. Rui’s return signaled a profound shift in Covela’s wines. Wines were no longer focused on international varieties, but rather local varieties - such as Avesso - that truly represented the region’s style.

Aside from wine, they also have a vast forest of cherry, citrus, and chestnut trees growing throughout the property, making it an incredible place to visit!

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Covela - Branco
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