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"Wines of altitude on granite soil."

Near the town of Lamego, where Douro starts to change and shows similarity to the neighboring Tavora-Varosa region with the terrain changing into a forested landscape, granite soils and 600 meters or more altitudes, you may find a small house and 3.5 hectares of vineyards and  that belongs to Pedro Frey, which were planted in the early 20th century. Pedro became interested in wine because he wanted a career that allowed him to travel and to spend time in nature. After some business partnership with his brother, he decided to move from Lisbon to this small house and start making his own wines under his own name. He started the journey of the "Frey '' back in 2013 with several steel tanks and used french oak barrels and made it a success.  Meanwhile, he also travels to Australia and Italy to make wine with some friends in the area, making his career wish come true. Pedro Frey makes wines that are rich and complex, which are quirky at times but definitely delivers.Some of his wines don't appear to have anything to do with the typical Douro style, and he doesn't even attempt to get his wines classified as DOC Douro, but he produces delicious wines all the same. On the label it says 'handcrafted', as all bottling, corking, labeling, and waxing is done by Pedro himself. It also states 'naturally grown, wild fermented and unfined wine' - hinting us at what to expect from his wines.

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Frey - L018 - Dourado
Frey - L018 - Dourado Sale price€27,99
Frey - L018 - Grande Tinto
Frey - L018 - Grande Tinto Sale price€56,99
Frey - L018 - É o que é
Frey - L018 - É o que é Sale price€19,99
Frey - L018 - Branco
Frey - L018 - Branco Sale price€32,99