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Quinta da Costa do Pinhão

In the heart of Portugal's breathtaking Douro Valley, Quinta da Costa do Pinhão is a rising star in the world of viticulture. While its exact founding date remains elusive, the estate's story is one of family tradition, deep respect for the land, and a dedication to crafting exceptional wines that embody the soul of the Douro.

Quinta da Costa do Pinhão is a family-owned winery, currently overseen by Miguel Morais, the 7th generation to cultivate the land. Generations of knowledge and experience have been passed down, ensuring a deep understanding of the Douro Valley's unique terroir. 

The winery occupies prime real estate within the Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its dramatic beauty and terraced vineyards. The estate's vineyards climb high above the valley floor, reaching altitudes of up to 450 meters. This elevation benefits the vines by providing cooler temperatures and preserving the grapes' natural acidity.

Quinta da Costa do Pinhão embraces sustainable viticultural practices. The estate's vineyards are managed organically, fostering a healthy ecosystem and promoting biodiversity. Rich slate soils, characteristic of the Douro Valley, contribute to the distinctive mineral character of the wines.

The philosophy at Quinta da Costa do Pinhão also extends to the winery. Minimal intervention is the guiding principle, allowing the grapes to express their inherent qualities and the influence of the terroir. Time-honored techniques such as foot treading are employed for gentle extraction, while fermentation occurs naturally with indigenous yeasts.

The winery primarily cultivates indigenous Douro grape varieties, such as Tinta Barroca, Touriga Nacional, and Touriga Franca. These grapes thrive in the region's warm, dry climate and contribute to the wines' bold structure and complex flavors.

While respecting tradition, Quinta da Costa do Pinhão isn't afraid to embrace innovation. Historic slate lagers are used for fermentation, while modern temperature control methods ensure optimal results. This thoughtful blend of old and new allows them to craft expressive and genuine wines of the Douro Valley's character.

Quinta da Costa do Pinhão is a winery on the rise, quickly gaining recognition for its terroir-driven, hand-crafted wines. With a commitment to sustainability, a focus on local grapes, and a dedication to quality, Quinta da Costa do Pinhão promises an exciting future as it continues to write its story within the rich tapestry of Douro Valley wines. 

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