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Mateus Nicolau de Almeida - Eremitas - Paulo de Tebas Branco

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Each Eremitas white wine tells a story of the Rabigato grape, with variations reflecting the specific vineyard parcel. Take, for instance, the Eremitas Paulo de Tebas. Located 400 meters above sea level, its vines grow in medium-depth soil with a unique quartz micro-fault running through the plot. The grapes undergo a traditional vinification process in which they are harvested by hand, then gently punched down (pigeage) for three hours in a granite basin (lagar) before being pressed vertically. The must then flows naturally by gravity to concrete vats in a cool, underground cellar for spontaneous fermentation without temperature control. The wine rests for a year in these same tanks, allowing the terroir and grape character to fully express themselves.

Mateus Nicolau de Almeida - Eremitas - Paulo de Tebas Branco
Mateus Nicolau de Almeida - Eremitas - Paulo de Tebas Branco Sale price€19,45

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Mateus Nicolau de Almeida

Mateus, a fifth-generation winemaker from the renowned Nicolau de Almeida family, carries on a historic winemaking legacy in the Douro region. He's a true maverick within the family, pioneering biodynamic viticulture, a shift his initially skeptical father, João Sr., eventually embraced due to its impressive results. Today, Mateus, along with his wife Teresa and father João Sr., is crafting exceptional wines. His deep passion for the land is evident in every aspect of his life, even his garden is a vineyard! He believes that Douro provides all the essential elements for winemaking, and their profound connection to the land resonates throughout their work. The Nicolau de Almeida family epitomizes the spirit of Douro, as Mateus lets the land tell its own story. Discover more about their extraordinary journey.