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Uivo - 2011 - LH+ 375ml

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Uivo's 2011 LH+ isn't your typical wine. This unique offering is a partially fermented grape must, crafted from hand-selected clusters of ancient vines (over 70 years old) in Alijó, Portugal's Cima-Corgo sub-region. The grapes, primarily Gouveio with hints of other varieties, grow at a high elevation (around 600 meters) on soils rich in schist and granite.

The magic happens during harvest. Only grapes affected by "noble rot," a special fungus that concentrates the fruit's sugars and flavors, are selected. After being picked in late October 2011, the grapes underwent a cold soak for a few days before gentle pressing.

The fermentation process is anything but rushed. The must ferments slowly for two years in used barrels, followed by a lengthy 30-month aging period on the lees (spent yeast cells). This extended aging adds complexity and character to the final product.

Bottled in July 2014, Uivo's LH+ yields only 1,100 small 37.5cl bottles. With an alcohol content of just 5.5%, this isn't a powerhouse drink. Instead, it's a delightful exploration of concentrated grape flavors, perfect for sipping by itself or paired with light cheeses and desserts.

Uivo - 2011 - LH+ 375ml
Uivo - 2011 - LH+ 375ml Sale price€43,00

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Meet Tiago Sampaio, the winemaker behind Olho no Pé and Folias de Baco, now bottling his exceptional blends as Uivo. Grown at elevations up to 700m, his wines boast distinctive textures and flavors. Don't miss his captivating pét-nats and the refreshing, floral aroma of Moscatel Gallego grapes. With a PhD in viticulture and oenology from Oregon, Tiago embraces a natural winemaking approach – no added yeast, no filtration, and no fining at bottling. He operates from the old co-op winery building in Sanfins do Douro, showcasing antique talhas gifted by Vasco Croft. Follow Tiago's wine adventures by keeping an eye on the label.