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Quinta da Palmirinha - Loureiro

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This Loureiro white wine from Minho, Vinho Verde, is a complex and fresh discovery. Delicate fruit and floral notes give way to minerality and depth as the wine opens up. Despite its low alcohol content, it feels full-bodied thanks to its balanced acidity. Enjoy it chilled between 11°C and 13°C.

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Quinta da Palmirinha

Grandfather Fernando Paiva only has two chestnut trees at Quinta da Palmirinha. The chestnut blossoms, which already replace the sulphites, are picked by the grandchildren Mariana, Tiago and João, the latter predisposed to become a winemaker. The rest are acquired externally. The world of this former professor of Portuguese and History is very particular, but it is above all else, a rational biodynamic look at viticulture.