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Quinta do Zimbro - 1 Pipa - Tinto

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Crafted by Ana Hespanhol and Hugo Mateus, this red wine is a pioneering effort from their Quinta do Zimbro winery. Made with Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca grapes, it represents their deep respect for both the vineyard and the environment. Bottled in a limited run of just 600 one-liter bottles, this unique wine is a testament to their dedication to quality and sustainable practices. This wine embodies the region it comes from and has clearly been made with great care. Pipa is a truly delicious wine that will pair perfectly with your meals - it might even give you an advantage if you're ever doing a blind tasting. Give it a go and we are sure you will like it!

Quinta do Zimbro - 1 Pipa - Tinto
Quinta do Zimbro - 1 Pipa - Tinto Sale price€24,99

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Quinta do Zimbro

Quinta do Zimbro is a historic property within the Douro region. The Hespanhol family purchased the Quinta do Zimbro winery in 2003 and the father, Manuel Hespanhol, handed it down to his five daughters. Ana Hespanhol eventually ended up being the one who's with the passion of winemaking and making a dream come true.