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Quevedo - 2016 - Moon Lagar

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Named for the full moon that graced the start of its fermentation, Moon Lagar is a unique skin-contact white wine. This style of wine, where the grape skins are left in contact with the juice during fermentation, creates a surprising color and complex aromas. Crafted from a blend of hand-harvested, sustainably-farmed grapes – 50% Síria, 25% Viosinho, and 25% Gouveio – the winemaking process is as intriguing as the final product. After a manual harvest, half the grapes were destemmed and all were placed in large open-top vats. Here, a wild fermentation commenced, relying solely on indigenous yeasts, with regular foot treading during the initial eight days. The remaining thirteen days saw continued skin contact before transfer to stainless steel tanks. Finally, in December 2016, the wine was decanted and aged in seasoned oak barrels that previously held a 50-year-old Port wine and brandy, adding another layer of complexity to this distinctive orange wine.

Quevedo - 2016 - Moon Lagar
Quevedo - 2016 - Moon Lagar Sale price€19,99

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The feeling of optimism and the word of passion are carved into the Quevedo family, who have been grape growers and port producers for 5 generations. Despite trying times, Oscar Sr. found the brand Quevedo in 1993, which started a new era for the family, since they could bottle port under their own label. While this was great news for the family, as the upcoming generation, Claudia and Oscar Jr. had very different career paths in mind. Claudia fell in love with wine since her youth and she wanted to be a winemaker, even though her parents were skeptical about it. After completing her studies at Vila Real she joined Oscar Sr. in 1999 as a winemaker and ensured that the business had a future in the family.