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Quevedo - N/V - Trovisca Tawny Bio

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Crafted with organic grapes, this Tawny Port showcases a blend dominated by Touriga Franca (43%), complemented by Tinta Barroca (34%), Tinta Roriz (19%), and a touch of Touriga Nacional (4%). The sustainably-farmed grapes, sourced from both owned and partner vineyards, are hand-harvested for optimal quality control. Fermentation occurs slowly with temperature control in stainless steel vats to preserve the fruit's freshness. Following fermentation, the wine undergoes aging and maturation in a combination of stainless steel vats, seasoned French oak barrels, and traditional chestnut balseiros, allowing for a gradual development of complexity. This Tawny Port is then skillfully blended with wines from other vintages to achieve an average age of five years before gentle filtration and bottling. The result is a Tawny Port that promises a harmonious balance of fresh fruit notes, subtle oak influences, and a touch of maturity.

Quevedo - N/V - Trovisca Tawny Bio
Quevedo - N/V - Trovisca Tawny Bio Sale price€21,99

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The feeling of optimism and the word of passion are carved into the Quevedo family, who have been grape growers and port producers for 5 generations. Despite trying times, Oscar Sr. found the brand Quevedo in 1993, which started a new era for the family, since they could bottle port under their own label. While this was great news for the family, as the upcoming generation, Claudia and Oscar Jr. had very different career paths in mind. Claudia fell in love with wine since her youth and she wanted to be a winemaker, even though her parents were skeptical about it. After completing her studies at Vila Real she joined Oscar Sr. in 1999 as a winemaker and ensured that the business had a future in the family.