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Biancosarti - 1950s - 1L

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This batch of Biancosarti was produced in the 1950s. Biancosarti is a quintessential Italian spirit celebrated for its distinctive bitter profile. Crafted from a meticulous blend of select herbs, roots, and spices, this versatile liqueur forms the foundation for a myriad of classic cocktails. The production process involves a careful infusion of botanicals followed by a deliberate maturation period to harmonize the complex flavors. Visually, Biancosarti presents a pale, almost transparent yellow hue that belies its aromatic depth. Its scent is a captivating interplay of herbal notes, with gentian and wormwood taking center stage, complemented by citrus undertones and a subtle spiciness. The palate experiences a vibrant initial bitterness that transitions seamlessly into a pleasantly sweet and refreshing finish. This equilibrium makes Biancosarti equally enjoyable neat over ice or as a complex cocktail component. As an aperitif, Biancosarti invigorates the appetite, while its aromatic and bitter qualities make it a fitting digestif. The generous one-liter format ensures ample supply for diverse occasions, making it a coveted choice for enthusiasts of traditional Italian spirits and adventurous mixologists alike.


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