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Luis Pato - 2019 - Vinha Barrosa Tinto

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Aged vines tell the story in Luis Pato's Vinha Barrosa red wine. Sourced from an 80+ year-old vineyard in Aguim, the grapes benefit from the complexity of surrounding pine and eucalyptus forests. Vinified in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats for two weeks, the wine matures for a year in a combination of new and used Allier oak casks. Enjoy it with roasted red meats or game dishes, and cellar it for up to 15-20 years for further development.

Luis Pato - 2019 - Vinha Barrosa Tinto
Luis Pato - 2019 - Vinha Barrosa Tinto Sale price€50,99

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Luis Pato

The story of Luis Pato wines is intrinsically linked to the Pato family's longstanding dedication to viticulture in Portugal's Bairrada region. Wine production has been a family tradition since at least the 18th century, flourishing on the lands of Quinta do Ribeirinho.

The pioneering spirit truly took root in 1970 with João Pato, who bottled the estate's wines for the first time, becoming a trailblazer in the newly demarcated Bairrada region. This legacy of nonconformity was passed on to his son, Luis Pato.

In 1980, Luis Pato made a bold statement with his first wine, a pure Baga grape varietal. This exceptional wine, characterized by its rarity and quality, quickly gained a devoted following amongst collectors.

Luis Pato's relentless pursuit of innovation continued throughout the 1980s. In 1985, he revolutionized Bairrada by destemming Baga grapes and introducing the use of new French oak casks for maturation. This approach challenged traditional methods and paved the way for a new style of Bairrada wine.

Further driven by a desire to understand pre-phylloxera wines, Luis Pato planted Baga vines from ungrafted rootstocks in 1988. This pioneering move led to the production of Portugal's first "Vinhas Velhas" wine, showcasing the character of ungrafted vines.

Luis Pato's commitment to exploration extended beyond Portuguese borders. In 1990, he began participating as a judge at the International Wine Challenge, using it as a platform to broaden his palate and understand the ever-evolving preferences of wine consumers.

The 1990s saw a continued focus on single-vineyard expressions. Luis Pato produced wines from esteemed plots like Vinha Pan, Vinha Barrosa, and Quinta do Ribeirinho Pé Franco. In 1998, he acquired Vinha Formal, a vineyard destined to produce his top-tier white wine.

In 1999, Luis Pato made a decisive move, departing from the DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) appellation system. Choosing to label his wines as "Regional Beiras," he prioritized creative freedom and a more personal expression of terroir.

The new millennium brought even more innovative approaches. In 2001, Luis Pato pioneered the concept of "precision harvest" in Bairrada. Grapes from the same vineyard were picked at different times to create distinct styles – a sparkling wine harvested in late August and a more concentrated red wine harvested in late September.

The spirit of collaboration emerged in 2005 with the FLP, a wine made with his daughter Filipa, utilizing the cryo-extraction technique. This innovative method allowed for the extraction of delicate aromas and flavors from the grapes.

Sparkling wines continued to be a focus, with the 2008 release of Vinha Formal, a single-vineyard sparkling wine crafted from Bical and Touriga Nacional grapes.

Luis Pato's exploration extended to natural sweet wines in 2009 with the Abafado Molecular range, encompassing white, rosé, and red options.

The year 2010 saw the birth of Informal and Quinta do Moinho, white sparkling wines made from Baga grapes harvested early from specific vineyards. Informal hails from Vinha Pan, while Quinta do Moinho reflects the character of its namesake vineyard.

Luis Pato's innovative spirit reached new heights in 2011 with Fernão Pires, a truly unique red wine made with a surprising twist. This wine utilizes 94% Maria Gomes (also known as Fernão Pires), a white grape variety, with just 6% Baga skins added for color.

The story of Luis Pato wines is a testament to a family's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the full potential of Bairrada's terroir. Through a relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep respect for tradition, Luis Pato has established himself as a leading figure in Portuguese winemaking.