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Pormenor - 2019 - Ginga NatCool 1L

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Pormenor Vinhos returns for the third year with their Nat'Cool red, a vibrant expression of the Douro Valley made with minimal intervention. This funky and easy-drinking wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts and sees minimal sulfur added. Following Pedro Coelho's philosophy of "less is more," the grapes take center stage, resulting in a wine that reflects the unique terroir of the Douro. Expect to be surprised by every sip of this delightfully irreverent Nat'Cool red.

Pormenor - 2019 - Ginga NatCool 1L
Pormenor - 2019 - Ginga NatCool 1L Sale price€13,00

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Pormenor, the Portuguese word for "details", embodies the meticulous approach of its founder, Pedro Coelho. Established in 2013, Pormenor isn't just a winery; it's a dedication to capturing the essence of the Douro Valley in every bottle.

Pedro's philosophy is rooted in the vineyard. He adheres to the principle of "less is more," allowing the grapes and the land to take center stage. Pormenor works with a diverse portfolio of vineyards, primarily old vines at high altitudes across the Douro. These plots boast a tapestry of schist and granite soils, each contributing its unique character to the wines.

Harvesting is a manual affair, ensuring meticulous selection of the finest grapes. Pedro's vision is to translate the beauty of the vines and the terroir into the bottle. Each element, from the specific climate to the soil composition and the meticulous care of the vines, is reflected in the final product.

This commitment to minimal intervention extends to the cellar. Pormenor utilizes indigenous yeasts and keeps sulfur levels low, avoiding any unnecessary additives. Gentle extraction and extended maceration periods are employed to craft elegant and mineral wines. Natural freshness and vibrant acidity are hallmarks of Pormenor's style, further accentuated by lower alcohol content. These wines not only offer immediate enjoyment but also possess the potential for graceful aging in the bottle.

For Pedro, the aim is simple: to let the vineyards and the wines speak for themselves. He crafts authentic wines, imbued with stories of the land and the people who tend it. Each sip is an invitation to explore the hidden details of the Douro Valley, a testament to Pedro's unwavering dedication to showcasing the region's unique character.