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Quinta das Bágeiras - Chumbado - Branco

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This white wine is crafted from a blend of Maria Gomes, Bical, and Cercial grapes. These indigenous Portuguese varieties are well-suited to the Bairrada region's cool, Atlantic climate. Maria Gomes offers floral aromatics and light body, while Bical contributes structure and minerality. Cercial adds a touch of acidity and freshness, creating a well-balanced blend.

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Quinta das Bágeiras

The story of Quinta das Bágeiras begins in 1989 with Mário Sérgio Nuno Alves. Before this, the estate's grapes were sold to other cellars in the Bairrada region. However, Mário saw the potential for something more and began bottling the wines produced on his land, marking the official launch of Quinta das Bágeiras. Since then, the winery has remained a family-run business focused on quality and a deep connection to the land.

The vineyards of Quinta das Bágeiras span various plots with evocative names like "Bagieras," "Figueira da Coast," and "Water Pond." These plots boast diverse characteristics regarding altitude, soil composition, and sun exposure, allowing the winery to cultivate grape varieties that best suit each microclimate.

Quinta das Bágeiras champions minimalist intervention philosophy in the vineyard and the winery. They prioritize sustainable practices, opting for organic viticulture whenever possible. This translates to minimal use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, promoting biodiversity within the vineyards and fostering a healthy environment for the vines to thrive.

At Quinta das Bágeiras, quality is paramount. The grapes are meticulously hand-harvested, ensuring only the ripest and healthiest fruit is used in the winemaking process. This dedication to detail allows the unique character of each grape variety and vineyard to shine through in the final product.

The minimalist approach extends to the winery as well. Fermentation often takes place with indigenous yeasts, allowing the natural character of the grapes to take center stage. Additionally, some of their red wines are vinified in Lagares, traditional large stone tanks where foot treading is still practiced. This time-honored technique gently extracts flavor and color from the grapes.

Quinta das Bágeiras offers a diverse range of wines, catering to various palates. Their portfolio includes red, white, and sparkling wines, all showcasing the potential of the Bairrada region. Their notable offerings include the Garrafeira Tinto, a long-aged red, and the Bruto Natural, a sparkling wine produced with no added sugar.

Over the years, Quinta das Bágeiras has garnered recognition for its commitment to quality and dedication to terroir-driven wines. While information on specific awards is limited, references to positive reviews and high scores from respected publications suggest their dedication to excellence is paying off.

Quinta das Bágeiras represents a unique perspective in the Bairrada region. Its focus on family legacy, sustainable practices, and minimalist winemaking techniques allows it to craft exceptional wines that are true expressions of its land.