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Quinta do Pôpa - 2018 - Branco Amphora

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Quinta do Pôpa

Nestled in the heart of Portugal's Douro Valley lies Quinta do Pôpa, a winery steeped in family legacy and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The story begins with Francisco Ferreira, who lived a life of quiet dignity despite his birth as the illegitimate son of a prominent Douro wine producer. Though recognition for his work eluded him, Pôpa's dream of independence and appreciation for his craft resonated deeply within his family.

A generation later, Pôpa's son Zeca, fueled by his father's unfulfilled dream and instilled with a strong work ethic, embarked on his own quest. Leaving his formal education behind after 4th grade, Zeca embraced the life of the vineyard. Years of hard work culminated in the acquisition of Quinta do Vidiedo, a pivotal moment that brought long-sought recognition to the Ferreira family within the Douro region.

Zeca's friend, the renowned Bairrada oenologist Luís Pato, then came into the picture. Recognizing the potential of Quinta do Pôpa, Pato offered his expertise, challenging the third generation – Stéphane and Vanessa Ferreira – to take the family dream even further.

In 2010, Stéphane and Vanessa brought a youthful energy and fresh perspective to the winery. Stéphane, a passionate music lover with a deep appreciation for wine, championed a new approach – one that respects tradition while embracing innovation. He envisioned crafting modern, exciting wines that complemented the elegance of classic Douro styles. Vanessa, with her artistic flair and love for the Douro Valley, turned her focus to sustainability practices and tourism initiatives.

Today, Quinta do Pôpa thrives under the motto "Dream, Create, and ALWAYS Celebrate!" The winery continues to be a family endeavor, each member contributing their unique talents and unwavering dedication. From Pôpa's initial dream to the current generation's innovative spirit, Quinta do Pôpa's journey is a testament to the transformative power of family, passion, and a commitment to excellence.