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Tubarão - Tinto Ramadas

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This light and playful red hails from Minho in the Vinho Verde region. Crafted using the traditional ramadas method and local Vinhão and Alvarelhão grapes, it's unfiltered, resulting in a fizzy and fruity character with a touch of tannin.

Tubarão - Tinto Ramadas
Tubarão - Tinto Ramadas Sale price€13,00

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Tucked away in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, Tubarão winery is a testament to the region's unique viticulture and commitment to innovation. This collaboration between Marcio Lopes and Ricardo Garrido, is dedicated to making low-intervention wines that help preserve some of the nearly extinct forms of farming found in Portugal, such as "campos de masseira".

Masseira was first created by Benedictine monks in northern Portugal near the Atlantic in the 18th century. Large, rectangular pits with sloped sides were dug into the sandy dunes near the ocean. Vines are grown on the sloped sides (“valos”) to help protect them from the wind, while various fruits, vegetables, and grains are grown on the floor of the masseira to create a rich polyculture. The result is like a greenhouse, where the depression creates a rich, warm microclimate. Additionally, Póvoa de Varzim's sandy soils and cool Atlantic breezes favor grapes known for their bright acidity and minerality.

Unfortunately, there are very few masseiras left in Portugal, and the culture of masseira farming is in danger of disappearing forever without producers like Tubarao, who financially support their growers' continued use of traditional farming techniques. 

The pet nat, a white/red field blend, comes from old vines grown in sandy soils near the coast close to the Spanish border. The grapes are picked and pressed together, fermented spontaneously, and bottled with no additives.