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Esporão is not just a single vineyard, but a collection of prestigious estates in Portugal, each with its own unique identity and terroir. Three of their crown jewels include:

Herdade do Esporão: The founding estate in Alentejo, established in 1973. Known for its commitment to indigenous grape varieties and innovative winemaking practices.

Quinta do Ameal: Located in the Douro Valley, this historic estate boasts prime vineyard locations and a focus on producing elegant and age-worthy Port wines.

Quinta dos Murças: Another Douro Valley gem, known for its breathtaking slopes, exceptional terroir, and a commitment to sustainable viticulture.

United by a Vision, Independent in Character:

Esporão's ownership structure allows each estate to maintain its individual character and winemaking philosophy. The chief winemakers at Quinta do Ameal and Quinta dos Murças, for example, have the freedom to make decisions based on their expertise and the specific needs of their vineyards. This decentralized approach fosters creativity and ensures that each estate's wines reflect the unique qualities of their terroir.

Sustainability at the Core:

Despite their independent identities, all Esporão estates share a core commitment to sustainable practices. This dedication manifests in various ways across the estates, including:

Soil Management: Implementing techniques to promote soil health and biodiversity.

Water Conservation: Utilizing responsible irrigation practices to minimize water usage.

Biodiversity Preservation: Encouraging a healthy ecosystem for insects, birds, and other flora and fauna within the vineyards.

A Commitment to Independence:

Esporão's ownership structure also fosters a sense of independence for each estate. This allows them to explore different grape varietals, experiment with innovative techniques, and ultimately craft wines that stand out on their own merit. While they share the Esporão name and commitment to sustainability, each estate carves its own path within the world of Portuguese wine.

A United Force:

By uniting these prestigious estates under the Esporão umbrella, the company benefits from a wider range of expertise, resources, and distribution channels. This allows them to collectively promote Portuguese wines on a global stage, while still celebrating the unique qualities of each individual estate. Esporão's ownership model creates a win-win situation, fostering innovation and sustainability while preserving the distinct character of each of its treasured vineyards.

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