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Chinado - 2021 - Tinto

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Almost 100% Castelão from three plots with vines aged between 30–40 years old. Also includes some Tinta Miúda, plus a few tintorera (red-fleshed) vines among others. De-stemmed, foot-trodden until fermentation starts. Punchdowns twice a day though a short maceration time. 40% aged in 225L barrels.

Chinado - 2021 - Tinto
Chinado - 2021 - Tinto Sale price€15,99

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Chinado is a distinguished wine producer situated in the Lisbon region of Portugal. Established in the early 20th century by the Chinado family, the winery has a rich history rooted in generations of passion for viticulture. Over the years, Chinado has evolved from a small family operation into a renowned producer, celebrated for its high-quality wines that capture the unique terroir of the Lisbon region.

The family's dedication to traditional winemaking techniques, combined with modern innovations, has allowed Chinado to create wines that are both authentic and contemporary. Chinado is deeply committed to sustainable viticulture, integrating several eco-friendly practices into their operations. They avoid the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, opting instead for natural alternatives to maintain soil health and biodiversity. Advanced irrigation systems are employed to minimize water usage and ensure efficient water management. Solar panels are installed on the winery’s facilities to harness renewable energy, reducing their carbon footprint.

Additionally, Chinado maintains natural habitats around their vineyards to support local wildlife and promote a balanced ecosystem. Comprehensive waste management practices, including composting grape marc and recycling materials used in the winemaking process, further demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and the long-term health of their vineyards.