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Filipa Pato - 2022 - Dinamica Branco

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Bical grapes are hand-picked to ensure quality grapes following biodynamic practices. The grapes are gently pressed, and the must is fermented with 80% in stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness and varietal character of the grapes, and the remaining  20% in used French oak barrels to introduce subtle oak influence and texture to the wine. The short aging on the lees enhances mouthfeel and complexity, and there was no filtration. Aromas of pear, citrus, and hints of spice with a refreshing finish with lingering acidity.

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Filipa Pato

Filipa Pato's story is intertwined with her family's deep roots in Bairrada. Her grandfather, João Pato, was one of the first winemakers to bottle wines from the region. At the same time, her father, Luis Pato, is known as a pioneer who championed Baga, the region's signature red grape. Filipa, her partner, and sommelier William Wouters carry on this legacy, pushing boundaries while honoring tradition.

Their focus lies solely on indigenous grapes of the Bairrada region in Portugal. Baga, Bical, Arinto, Cercial, and Maria Gomes grapes grown in meticulously chosen vineyard sites, with ideal soil composition, microclimates, and other factors, form the foundation for their soulful wines. Biodynamic viticulture practices further enhance this dedication to expressing the land's unique character. In the winery, gentle handling and close monitoring allow the grapes to shine through, resulting in wines that are truly representative of their terroir.

Filipa sources grapes from various small, old vineyards across Bairrada. These plots boast diverse soil composition, altitude, and sun exposure characteristics. This diversity allows her to express the unique nuances of each microclimate in her wines.

Sustainability is a core value for Filipa. She often employs organic viticulture methods in the vineyards she partners with. This minimizes her environmental impact and promotes biodiversity within the ecosystem.

A defining characteristic of Filipa Pato's wines is her focus on grapes from old vines. These vines, often exceeding 50 years of age, produce lower yields but with concentrated flavors and complex character. This focus reflects her respect for tradition and the potential of these established vineyards.

Similar to her father, Filipa champions a philosophy of minimal intervention in the vineyard and the winery. She believes in allowing the grapes and the land to speak for themselves. This translates to practices like hand-harvesting, minimal use of chemical treatments, and spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts.

Baga, a temperamental grape known for its high tannins and acidity, is the heart and soul of Filipa Pato's red wines. Her meticulous viticulture and minimalist winemaking techniques allow Baga's true character to shine through.

While Filipa respects tradition, she isn't afraid of innovation. She explores techniques like co-fermentation (blending different grape varieties during fermentation) and extended maceration (prolonging skin contact) to add complexity and nuance to her wines.

Filipa Pato's dedication to quality and innovative approach has garnered recognition in the wine world. Her wines are praised for their depth, elegance, and authentic expression of the Bairrada terroir. She is a prominent figure in the region's new wave, making waves with her soulful and characterful wines.