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Niepoort - NatCool Rosé 1L

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Niepoort's Nat Cool concept is a revolutionary idea that champions natural, easy-drinking wines. More than just a low-intervention style, it's a movement uniting producers across Portugal and beyond. Sourced from Quinta de Nápoles and surrounding old vine plots, Niepoort's Nat Cool Rosé undergoes a meticulous selection process. The grapes are gently pressed, chilled for settling, and then experience spontaneous fermentation in 500-liter French oak barrels for 1 to 3 years. This unique rosé, a blend of multiple vintages, displays a concentrated color with orange hues. On the nose, expect a captivating mix of violets, red fruits, and rhubarb, accented by nutty notes from the new oak. The palate is structured and linear, offering a touch of sweetness balanced by vibrant acidity and a hint of spice on the finish.

Touriga Franca and Tinta Amarela

Niepoort - NatCool Rosé 1L
Niepoort - NatCool Rosé 1L Sale price€19,00

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For over 180 years and six generations, Niepoort has carefully crafted a legacy driven by an unwavering passion for wine. Led by Dirk van der Niepoort, the fifth-generation visionary, the family business embraces tradition while fearlessly venturing into new projects. Dirk's captivating fascination with wine, honed through experience rather than traditional training, yields renowned red, white, and port wines that define the Niepoort winery. With a steadfast commitment to the Douro region, Dirk has not only achieved international acclaim but also realized his dream of crafting extraordinary table wines. Since 1842, the independent Niepoort family has been an esteemed presence in the port wine market. Their journey began when Franciscus Marius Niepoort founded the renowned port wine house, and it reached a milestone in 1987 when Dirk van der Niepoort acquired their own vineyards. Quinta de Nápoles, an ancient estate with historical significance dating back to 1496, was joined by Quinta do Carril. These vineyards, once neglected, required significant investments for revitalization, including complete replanting and preservation of old vines. Today, Niepoort stands as a symbol of history and tradition, with an innovative approach to winemaking.