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Penhó Wines - CARMIN Branco

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This dry fruity red wine bursts with aromas of red currant, plum, spice, and hints of strawberry, apple, and peach. Light tannins and a refreshing acidity make it easy to drink, with a touch of salty minerality reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Made organically and naturally, the grapes are hand-picked and fermented with native yeasts. The wine spends time soaking on the skins for extra flavor before aging in steel tanks.

Penhó Wines - CARMIN Branco
Penhó Wines - CARMIN Branco Sale price€14,49

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Penhó Wines

Penhó Wines is the ultimate "garage wine" project, rooted in the Vinho Verde region's traditions and looking to the future with optimism. This is a seven hectare vineyard perched atop a mountain, offering breathtaking views of a stunning valley. The eco-friendly and sustainable winemaking and grape-growing methods used in Penhó support a healthy ecosystem. They also employ dryland farming methods to cope with the effects of climate change!