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Aphros - 2020 - Ten Loureiro Branco

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Crafted from 100% Loureiro grapes, this white wine is a refreshing journey through the Vinho Verde region. The grapes hail from vineyards situated in the Lima sub-region, known for its cooler climate and Atlantic influences. This expression of Loureiro showcases a bright and lively character. Expect aromas dominated by citrus fruits like lemon and orange, intertwined with hints of white flowers. A touch of sweetness (around 5 grams per liter) dances with the wine's crisp acidity, creating a balanced and easy-drinking experience. Aged for two months "sur lies" (on the lees), the wine gains a delightful texture with a hint of creaminess. This minimal intervention approach allows the pure essence of the Loureiro grape to shine through, making the Aphros Ten Loureiro a perfect choice for seafood dishes, light salads, or simply enjoyed on a warm afternoon.

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Architect, educator, sculptor, and advocate of the Waldorf educational movement, Vasco Croft founded his winery on the family estate after an unusual encounter with a Buddhist monk. This event, which Vasco describes as a personal meeting with Dionysus. In 2003, he decided to start a wine project in Casal do Paço, a semi-abandoned estate that has been in his family since the 17th century. 

Casal do Paço is now recognized as a model ecological winery committed to the preservation of its ecosystems that include not only vineyards but also entire forests of acacias, oaks, eucalyptus, and old trees, home to wild boars, foxes and eagles.