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Niepoort - NatCool Trudy 1L

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Trudy is a rare port that offers freshness and unparalleled fruitiness. With its charming ruby color of medium intensity, Trudy is more than just a wine—it's a gastronomic experience. This great treat effortlessly complements a wide array of dishes. Alternatively, serve it as a digestive after your meals, to enjoy the complexity and freshness of it.

Niepoort - NatCool Trudy 1L
Niepoort - NatCool Trudy 1L Sale price€14,99

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For over 180 years and six generations, Niepoort has carefully crafted a legacy driven by an unwavering passion for wine. Led by Dirk van der Niepoort, the fifth-generation visionary, the family business embraces tradition while fearlessly venturing into new projects. Dirk's captivating fascination with wine, honed through experience rather than traditional training, yields renowned red, white, and port wines that define the Niepoort winery.