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João Pato - N/V - Nerd Duck Tinto

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A blend of local grape varieties, with 95% Maria Gomes, a white grape, fermented on the skins of the dark-skinned Baga grape (5%) for five days. This unconventional method creates a wine that defies easy categorization. The Maria Gomes grapes come from sandy soils, while the Baga thrives in clay-limestone. Spontaneous fermentation occurs in large 1000L containers. The unfined and unfiltered wine sees a brief aging in used French oak barrels for six months. Aromas are unexpected for a red, offering notes of cherry, plum, and even a hint of dried pine needles. The palate leans towards a fresh and lively style, thanks to bright acidity and soft tannins. This makes it a perfect choice for serving slightly chilled alongside fish dishes, salads, grilled chicken, or even lighter fare.

João Pato - N/V - Nerd Duck Tinto
João Pato - N/V - Nerd Duck Tinto Sale price€12,99

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João Pato AKA Duckman

The Bairrada region of Portugal boasts a rich winemaking legacy, and few families embody that tradition more than the Patos. Luis Pato and his daughter Filipa Pato are already established names in Portuguese wine. But lurking in their shadow, or quacking a different tune, is João Pato, also known as Duckman.

Here's the twist: João Pato isn't actually a person but a playful alias adopted by Mariana Pato, Luis Pato's second daughter. This whimsical character, complete with a myriad of duck-themed labels, serves as a playful rebellion against tradition while the wines themselves stay true to Bairrada's essence.

Mariana, seeking to carve her path within the family's renowned legacy, embraced the "Duckman" persona to create a brand as unique as its wines. The labels themselves are works of art, often surreal and eye-catching, defying expectations and sparking curiosity. Some might find the "Duckman" persona confusing, but that's part of the charm. It's a playful wink aimed at challenging preconceived notions of wine.

However, the true magic lies inside the bottle. Duckman wines are a testament to Mariana's dedication to natural winemaking. Utilizing indigenous Bairrada grape varietals, the wines are meticulously crafted, showcasing the distinct maritime influence of the region. Bairrada, located roughly two hours north of Lisbon, is a coastal haven with a unique terroir defined by limestone and sandy soils. These elements, combined with Mariana's dedication to natural processes, translate into wines that are expressive and true to their place of origin.

So, next time you encounter a bottle adorned with a whimsical duck illustration, don't be fooled – Duckman wines by João Pato offer a delightful exploration of Bairrada, one that's both innovative and deeply respectful of the region's heritage.