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Arribas Wine Company - 2021 - Saroto Tinto NatCool 1L

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Arribas Saroto NatCool is a wonderful blend of old vines, made in a very hands-off way. It's a mix of 85% red and 15% white grapes, foot trodden in lagar, with a proportion aged for nine months in old barrels on fine lees.

Arribas Saroto Tinto uses a blend that includes Tinta Gorda, Malvasia, Bastardo, and several yet-to-be-identified local varieties. The grapes benefit from the region's altitude, diverse soils, and traditional sustainable viticulture practices. The winemaking process equally respects the grapes' natural character, employing foot treading and cool fermentation. Following fermentation, the wine is aged in neutral French oak barrels for eight months.

The result is a wine bursting with fresh fruit and floral notes, a testament to Arribas' commitment to showcasing the potential of Trás-os-Montes and its vineyards.

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Arribas Wine Company

Arribas Wine Company project began to take shape in 2017 when its founders Frederico Machado and Ricardo Alves embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Their quest took them to Bemposta, a small village in the municipality of Mogadouro.  Machado’s grandparents are from the village but the potential of Bemposta’s old vineyards failed to pique his interest until fate brought him to a party in the village.

Teaming up with Alves, the pair – micro-negociants, who buy grapes – swiftly extended their project beyond Bemposta. There they found centurian vineyards with breathtaking views and outstanding potential. Tinta Gorda, Malvasia, Bastardo, Verdelho, Rufete, Bastardo Branco, Verdelho Vermelho, Tinta Serrana (among other varieties yet to be identified), altitude, a wide variation of soils and exposures, traditional and sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention winemaking are the conducting wires of this project, which aims at elevating the full potential of Arribas do Douro and its vineyards. In addition to making wine under Niepoort’s Nat Cool label, they have collaborated on a cuvee that reflects Dirk's signature style.