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Arribas Wine Company - 2020 - Branco Maceração 375ml

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Arribas Wine Company's 2020 Maceração white wine is a testament to their dedication to exploring the potential of Trás-os-Montes' indigenous grapes. The journey commences in meticulously tended vineyards, specifically those situated in the village of Bemposta. Sustainable practices are paramount, ensuring the health of the vines and their deep connection to the region's terroir.

The grapes destined for Maceração 2020 are a captivating blend of local white varieties, including Malvasia Fina, Códega do Côa, and others yet to be identified. This diversity contributes to the wine's intrigue. Once hand-harvested, the grapes embark on a unique path. Unlike most white wines, they undergo a period of skin contact, a technique called maceration. The length of this maceration varies depending on the grape variety, but it typically lasts for several days. This allows for gentle extraction of color, flavor, and textural richness from the grape skins, adding complexity to the final wine.

Following maceration, the grapes are pressed, and the must begins its journey of natural fermentation in a combination of stainless steel tanks and large used French oak barrels. Indigenous yeasts on the grapes themselves initiate the process, allowing the fruit's character to shine through. After fermentation is complete, the wine spends time resting on its lees, which are spent yeast cells that contribute to the wine's texture and mouthfeel.

Finally, Arribas' 2020 Maceração is bottled without fining or filtration. This minimalist approach allows any natural sediment to develop over time, showcasing the wine's unadulterated personality. Every sip is a reflection of Arribas' commitment to minimal intervention and their exploration of the possibilities within Trás-os-Montes' unique vineyards.

Arribas Wine Company - 2020 - Branco Maceração 375ml
Arribas Wine Company - 2020 - Branco Maceração 375ml Sale price€40,00

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Arribas Wine Company

Founded in 2017 by Frederico Machado and Ricardo Alves, Arribas Wine Company in Mogadouro, Portugal, is built on a philosophy of sustainable viticulture and a deep respect for the region's traditions. Machado and Alves, with their experience in the wine trade, sought to create unique wines that reflected their own vision.

Their journey led them to Mogadouro, a place with personal significance as it is the birthplace of their grandparents. Here, they discovered century-old vineyards, some abandoned, that ignited their passion for revitalization. Sustainability is a cornerstone of their approach. They strive to farm these vineyards using eco-friendly practices, minimizing their environmental impact.

Arribas goes beyond simply producing wine. The project actively seeks to support the local community. They mentor aspiring winemakers in the region and volunteer their time for various causes. Project Belfo, their most notable initiative, embodies this commitment. Named after a slang term meaning "to speak with one's mouth full," Project Belfo aims to raise awareness for local foundations and associations. Despite their current production of around 30,000 bottles a year, Arribas donates a portion of their profits to these organizations. Their efforts extend to educating the community about responsible farming practices to ensure the region's biodiversity. Currently, they collaborate with local groups to promote bee safety by advocating for reduced chemical use in agriculture. Arribas Wine Company's dedication to sustainable practices, regional character, and community engagement has undoubtedly captured many hearts.