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Portuguese Biodynamic Wines

Green farming based on theories by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Organic farming and (1) vineyard should be self-sustaining organism, (2) vineyard should be treated with 9 herb and mineral based preparations and (3) vineyard tasks (planting, pruning, picking, etc) should be done during earthly and celestial rhythms. Greater microbial life and deeper vine roots than conventional farmed vineyards. Use of livestock in vineyards is common. Stricter winemaking guidelines than organic, less use of energy intensive practices encouraged. 

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Aphros - 2015 - Pan Rosé
Aphros - 2015 - Pan Rosé Sale price€17,99
Quinta do Javali - Azeite Virgem Extra
Aphros - 2018 - Phaunus Amphora Palhete
Casa de Mouraz - Branco
Casa de Mouraz - Branco Sale price€13,00
Casa de Mouraz - Encruzado
Casa de Mouraz - Encruzado Sale price€17,99
Casa de Mouraz - 2016 - Private Selection Tinto
Aphros - Evoé Rosé
Aphros - Evoé Rosé Sale price€9,99
Aphros - 2014 - Pan Rosé
Aphros - 2014 - Pan Rosé Sale price€17,99
Aphros - 2020 - Phaunus Amphora Vinhão Tinto
Aphros - 2020 - Phaunus Amphora Palhete
Bojo do Luar - Do Bojo Branco
Casa de Mouraz - Bolinha Curtimenta
Casa de Mouraz - Chibu
Casa de Mouraz - Chibu Sale price€15,00
Casa de Mouraz - Tinto
Casa de Mouraz - Tinto Sale price€12,99
Aphros - Vinhão Tinto
Aphros - Vinhão Tinto Sale price€13,99
Aphros - Loureiro Branco
Aphros - Loureiro Branco Sale price€14,99
Aphros - Phaunus Amphora Loureiro Branco
Aphros - Silenus Vinhão Tinto
Aphros - Phaunus Pet Nat Rosé
Aphros - Phaunus Pet Nat Branco
Aphros - Ouranos Tinto
Aphros - Ouranos Tinto Sale price€31,99
Aphros - Melissae Branco
Aphros - Melissae Branco Sale price€31,99
Aphros - Daphne Loureiro Branco
Casa de Mouraz - Pita Pet Nat