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Portuguese Organic Wines

Viticulture that does not rely on industrial synthesized products, such as fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and anything GMO. Instead a use of compost and cover crops are used as preventative measures against diseases. A Bordeaux mixture of sulfur and salt copper sulfate sprays) is used against disease, and they use manual labor rather than machines. Winemaking (fermentation processes) standards vary depending on certification body and country. Some allow minimal amounts of sulfur and fining and processing agents that are from organic sources.

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A&D Wines - Quinta Santa de Teresa Avesso Unfiltered
Saravá - FML
Saravá - FML Sale price€10,99
Frey - L018 - É o que é
Frey - L018 - É o que é Sale price€19,99
Frey - L018 - Dourado
Frey - L018 - Dourado Sale price€27,99
Frey - L018 - Branco
Frey - L018 - Branco Sale price€32,99
Niepoort - Conciso Tinto Sale price€18,99
Niepoort - 2015 - Vintage Port Bioma VV
Quevedo - NV - Trovisca Tawny Bio
Quevedo - NV - Reserve Ruby Bio
Quevedo - 2018 - Trovisca LBV Bio
Quevedo - 2021 - Oscar's Organic Red
Quevedo - 2017 - Trovisca Vintage Bio
Quinta da Carolina - 2020 - El3mento
Quinta da Carolina - 2017 - Douro Tinto
Quinta da Carolina - 2020 - Xis
Bojo do Luar - Tez
Bojo do Luar - Tez Sale price€17,99
Bojo do Luar - Deu Bode
Bojo do Luar - Deu Bode Sale price€11,49
Covela - Branco
Covela - Branco Sale price€8,99
Saravá - Skin Contact
Saravá - Skin Contact Sale price€11,99
Beyra - 2020 - Biológico Branco
Beyra - 2019 - Biológico Tinto
A&D Wines - Espinhosos
A&D Wines - Espinhosos Sale price€7,99